Are 2D Adventure Games definitely DEAD?

Recently Blizzard, the world famous game company (, announced it cancelled development of its forthcoming game called "Warcraft Adventures". This was to be an amazing classical style 2D game that a great amount of people, have been waiting for, anxiously. The reason for this decision is that some marketing director, somewhere, decided a game that was not in 3D had absolutely no chance to make it.


This kind of conclusion is as stupid as saying that because "Toy Story" was a great success, Disney should definitely stop classical 2D drawing and produce only shiny 3D movies.


People still love 2D games, "Broken Sword" from Revolution software ( ), for example, sold very well. The important thing in a game is the overall feeling, not the technological issues. Some people say 2D cannot bring innovation, but some developers still manage to bring in news ideas. Cryogen for example, is producing a great 2D classical adventure game, with many improvements over other titles, you can have a look at it at .


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