The End

The Immanis project has been abandonned. This page is just here for memory.
This thing is of course dedicated to Alain Malek (one of the two programmers of the game) who left this earth unexpectedly. Alain was also once known on the Amiga Demo Scene as Hornet/Alcatraz.

Demo available for download...

The demo of Immanis can be downloaded here (link updated 02.01.2003, this version is not corrupt anymore): (Immanis Demo) (137 MB)


Website relooked - March 12, 1998

Guess you had noticed .. huh?


State of the art - January 23, 1998

After a small check-up we can now say, every background is done (till the end of the adventure) and most remaining work is based on character or 3D animation and sound addition. Code is nearly over, most efforts will now go into integration of more scenes.

Editors, don't miss your chance - January 23, 1998

Today we can say we're about to finalize the Windows version of Immanis. Any interested editor can ask for a booklet and Demo-CD by writing to:


BeOS / Amiga - January 22, 1998

Recently there are been talks about a port of Immanis to BeOS and Amiga (with Gfx-card) in addition to the already planned Windows, Playstation and Linux. This is not in anyway a commitment, just the expression of the interest of our team in promoting multiple platforms. Since this won't make us live, it will be done as soon as possible, and we can't be more precise. Possible BeOS and Amiga versions will follow the same rules as the Linux one. That is, it will be implemented as a downloadable executable that you could use with the original Windows version. Therefore, those should only be available after the Windows version is shipping. Maybe one or two months after. Those of you interested in such versions, please encourage us by writing to the usual


News section started - January 23, 1998

Some of you were complaining about the lack of information on Immanis, so here's a new section which will be holding news from time to time about progress of Immanis and forthcoming projects.