The day is clearing up while Natas wakes up in the middle of the swamp. There's mud on his knees and hands. He cannot exactly say what he is doing here. Suddenly he hears voices behind him. Turning over he sees a wide group of monks running towards him. "Here he is", they shout. Natas doesn't know what they want but he cannot find much reasons to stay and listen. Running away he stops in front of a dwarf standing on his way. He tells Natas to hide behind a tree. After having done so, he observes the monks talking to Asylar, the dwarf. He tells them Natas has gone the other way.

Natas thanks Asylar for having saved him and asks him what the monks did want. Arguing it's not safe to stay here, the dwarf doesn't answer and takes him to his hut. He asks Natas to stay there and rest while he goes to the village.

After a short moment, despite of the anguish he feels, Natas falls asleep on the warm bed. Images and sounds start turning around in his head. He sees an old house in the forest. It is raining and the night is dark. There are lightnings, clearing up everything from time to time. Inside the house, three persons are sitting around the table. A child, and his two parents. No one speaks. The father seems absent and his wife looks at him with some kind of fear. The only noise that can be heard is that of the thunder and the child just stares at his two parents.

Suddenly, the father seems to vacillate without any reason. He puts his hands on his head. A strange vaporous shape is getting out from his body and heading towards the child. While the shape slowly penetrates the child, the father shouts and falls on the floor. The mother runs and bends over him, terrified. She has a look at her son. He seems unchanged but, despite the situation, he's slightly smiling.

Times passes. The father is in a bed. His wife brings him food. The child enters the room. As soon as his sees him, the father seems to turn mad. His face turns grey and he grabs a knife. The child stays still. Suddenly the father gets up and starts walking towards the child, still holding the knife firmly. Trying to stop him, his wife stands in front of him, horrified as she understands he wants to kill her child. The father tries to pass but she interposes. In his motion he hits her with the knife. Her throat his bleeding and she falls motionless. He bends over her in despair but as he sees the child, slightly smiling again, he gets up again and runs toward him with the knife. The child runs out of the house pursued by his father.

Reaching the forest, the child suddenly stops running. His face is free from any kind of fear. Then he turns over and his father silently falls to the ground, dead.

Natas is trembling as he wakes up in the hut. His head hurts...