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Created in 1996, Cryogen is a small startup made of people who intend to develop high-quality video games on PC and other platforms. 

We spend lots of time creating easy-to-use interface and writing what we think are interesting and suprising scenarios and environments. We are open to new ideas and wish to integrate them in our products as soon as they come out. So, if you think you have some interesting and new idea do not hesitate to send an e-mail. We also appreciate reports on our work.

Our goal is to link up-to-date technical possibilities together with artistic work. This includes both sound and visual appearance. Therefore we are still looking for talented people to help us to reach the top. We are especially looking for *good* animators. Anyhow if you have some other talent that you think deserves to be known, we'd appreciate any offer.

 Our current project is:

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